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Bear Mass Prey

Embody our ancestors' wild spirit. Bear Mass Prey will make you train like a ferocious animal, giving you the fundamental pillars to support your muscle growth. Your training sessions will become insane, your muscles will be forced to grow, your recovery will be amazing.

Predators Prey

Predators PREY, by XCORE Savage, not only is superior to regular whey, it is also better than actual beef, containing 570% more protein and 800% more creatine than steak.

Cheetah Hydro Prey

Cheetah Hydro Prey represents a new level of protein, far superior to conventional whey, with more protein, more creatine and with an incomparable absorption rate.

 What can we learn from the past?

Scientific literature shows our ancestors were physically stronger and more developed than us. In a direct comparison, modern man would lose to our primitive cousins in terms of strength, speed, jump and stamina. In his book, Manthropology, Peter McAllister, an anthropologist from Cambridge, states that our primitive ancestors would easily break records in modern Olympic Games.

What could explain this? Compare their lifestyle against ours. On the one hand, they would spend their days hunting, climbing up trees, escalating rocks – in other words, keeping a constant and challenging physical activity. On the other hand, they would feed mostly on meat. Meat is the best protein source known to man, and science has long proved protein is a key ingredient in the muscle development process.


Back to our origins

Xcore Savage follows a philosophy that breaks free from the growing tendency of the food industrialization, and gives the purity of natural nutrition back to the consumers.

Xcore Savage represents a commitment to the philosophy our ancestors practiced: to consume only the elements our body was prepared to have. We brought this philosophy back and we took it to a whole different level. Xcore Savage represents the link between modern scientific knowledge and the legacy left by our ancestors, who had a close bond to Nature.

  • Meat Quality


  • Higher Bioavailability

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“Are you the Prey,  

or the Predator?”
  • Leopard

  • Lion

  • Bear

 Train like a Beast!


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